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Topic: Affiliate promotion - 2018.10.08

October 6, 2018, 10:02 am
Referral commission increased to 50% for everyone!
Start date: 8 October 2018
Start time: 18:00 UTC (+0)
End date: 8 January 2019
End time: 18:00 UTC (+0)
Estimated duration: 3 months
Bitsler Image
Note: when going to the affiliate section, there is a new option to select namely: "Banners" which has recently been added.
Note: affiliate commissions are only dependent on the total amount being wagered by the referred players, and not by whether they win or lose.
Important: a users' referral commission is 10% by default or increased to 20% or 30% upon request. Meaning that for a user that was on the default 10%, they got an increase of 40% on referral commissions. The same would apply for a user that was on 30%, meaning they got an increase of 20%.
Warning: abuse by means of self-referral is forbidden and will result in your account being frozen, and all funds and all commissions being lost!
Info: calculation for referral commission = (referred_players_wagered*house-edge*commission_%=referral_commission)
Example: if a referred player wagered 1 bitcoin, then we multiply it by the house edge of 1% or in decimal (0.01) which will give you 0.01 bitcoin, and then we multiply it by the commission percentage which is 50% in this case resulting in 0.005 bitcoin profits being made.
- last edited: December 15, 2018, 8:35 am