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Topic: Bitsler lottery

August 1, 2017, 3:26 pm
The Bitsler lottery comes back next monday!!!
And this time more players will be able to join it !

Bitsler Image

It is a daily freeroll lottery which will take place every day at 5:00 PM GMT. If the lottery is not won, then the 0.01 BTC prize will be added to the next lottery. (E.g. in the case where there is no winner for the last 3 days, the next lottery prize will be 0.04 BTC)

Requirements : :

- 4 stars players+ on Bitsler. (If you have 2 accounts 4 stars+, you can only use one to take part)
- One username per user
- No banned or muted player.

How to take part :

- You must make a bet on and post your bitsler nickname, bet ID and the first two digits of your roll number. It will be your lottery number.
The deadline is before 4:00 PM GMT and after the admin post with the results of the previous lottery.

Bet restrictions :

- minimum amount: 0.00001 BTC
- 90% winning chance maximum.

How to post :

Roll : 54

how is it going to happen :

I will make a high roller bet on at 5:00 PM (GMT) and the two first digits of my roll bet will be the winning roll. I will post a screenshot as well. We will send the prize to the bitsler account that made the winning bet instantly. If there are 2 winners, the prize will be split.
Note: If you try to abuse this giveaway, you will be banned from Bitsler for a year.

Blacklist :

Old lottery results (next prize 0.01 BTC) :
2017-08-07: 96 no winner
2017-08-08: 77 no winner
2017-08-09: 02 no winner
2017-08-09: 09 mattiasc won 0.04 BTC
- last edited: August 10, 2017, 5:14 pm
2017-08-12 17:24:13

Unfortunately,there was no winner. Gustavo made the bet : 13,662,748,578 and the winning roll is : 92.

The prize will be added to the tomorrow's lottery.