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Topic: "what you will do if...?" [ 350 burst]

July 8, 2017, 5:57 pm
What will you do if you won 1000 BTC?

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Good Luck!
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2017-07-08 21:39:00
If I won 1k btc 1st Id get a great vpn and a bunch of throwaway phones or chromebooks, Then id prob establish residency outside the United States to doge taxes, Id then transfer the money slowly out to different wallets and hit bitcoin atms everywhere to pull out cash using different masks so I couldnt be tracked. Id buy a nice house once the market crashed or slowed down again and make sure that I put everything in my mother or fathers name who have made a lot of legal money in their lives. Whatever was left prob would use to double up at Bitsler!
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2017-07-08 22:23:56
I bought NWO to make it my gardener
2017-07-08 22:35:24
Português - Brazil

Sou um recente engenheiro civil. Iria abrir minha empresa no ramo de grandes construções focado na área de transportes(pontes, pavimentação, viadutos...etc). Um parte do dinheiro ajudaria alguns familiares. Pagaria o carro do meu sogro, que dei perda total ano passado ao sofrer um acidente com minha namorada(3 meses de namoro), guardaria de 10% a 20% para eventos futuros no qual eu precise de dinheiro. Pagaria minhas pós-graduações e de minha namorada. Aprenderia a falar inglês e espanhol junto a minha namorada. Com minha empresa, brigaria pelos projetos grandes e que, infelizmente no Brazil, são super faturados por causa da corrupção.
2017-07-08 23:40:56
I'm going to travel and make a donation to the fund for severely ill children and handicapped people.
2017-07-09 00:37:08
First of all I will thank God for the wonderful blessing He gave to me. Next is to help the needy..Some of it will go to my friends as my gift. I'll keep in the bank for the future of my kids.