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Topic: Widthdrawl not received

July 5, 2018, 2:39 am
so its been 4 days since i contacted support many times they have all ignored what i have to say and said its the etherneum problem

-image removed-

following my address my balance is still int he wallet and not even sent out
its obvious they have to send it out or fix it but getting ignored instead
starting to feel like im getting scammed by bitsler.
ive been a longtime player depositing alot every day
this is the treatment vip apparentyl are getting

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2018-07-05 02:41:51
-image removed-

as u can see here it says bitsler has sent it out . going to the txid there is nothing
and looking from my wallet the funds are still there and has no notification of it even being sent out
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2018-07-05 07:48:27

I apologize for the issue that you are experiencing in regards to your eth withdrawal.

Just to address your first post, Eth withdrawals are being sent using Bitsler's hotwallet and not from a player's deposit address, so it is normal to see that a player's deposit address will still have a balance even if a withdrawal is/was already sent.

In regards to your withdrawal, as previously explained by our support, we are experiencing technical issues on the Ethereum network when sending out withdrawals. But rest assured, you will get what you are owed.

Thank you for your patience and understanding on this matter, rest assured that our team is doing their best to have this fixed to the soonest time. Please bear with us.


PS. i've edited and removed the images on your post, as its not allowed to post your deposit address and transaction id in the forum for your own safety.

-edited 2018-07-05-
Issues with eth wallet has been resolved. All pending withdrawals has been resent, if you have not gotten your eth withdrawal, please contact support
- last edited: July 5, 2018, 4:39 pm