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Topic: Weekly top 15 killers bounty roll

September 15, 2017, 6:21 pm
We are happy to announce an exciting and special bounty roll game for our community. Every Friday we will have a special bounty roll determined by the winners of the bounties during the week - survival of the fittest!

The same rules apply, however the prizes will be much higher -- 0.001 BTC per kill and 0.0005 BTC if you survive.

You must participate at least one other bounty game during the week in order to be eligible for the special bounty game!

Only the top 15 killers of the week may participate, and an Administrator or Moderator will choose 5 random active players from chat whom are in good standing with the community.

The games during the week prior determine the top players eligible to be one of the lucky 15 selected!

Enjoy the hunt -- remember hunt well!