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Topic: 100k to 240k by bitbitsler for 4-5 hours

June 16, 2017, 7:12 am
Hi, everybody today i'm going to share you a good strat that works for me thanks to Bitbitsler video strategy.

Minimum balance: 100k
Base bet: 10
Chance: 7.14%
Increase when lose: 7.96%

In Bitbitsler video he put first 10sat and up to 12sat after some wins.
I advise you to look his video for better understand

For this strat i didn't change the base bet for fear of busting , but finally I had just maximum 80 losses in a row.

Bitsler Image

I think i would'nt bust even if i increased too because if u're good on math or if you use the "Probability table", at 80 loses the total of bets is ~57k for 10sat and ~68k for 12sat.

For 10 bb: Bitsler Image
For 12 bb: Bitsler Image

~140k satoshis in ~4hours if 12bb and +5hours for 10bb

I think that's all GOOD LUCK

2017-06-22 18:12:31
@Icon7tibit Wow, you survived 125 lose? that mean u have more than 0.012 btc O.O
If that happens to me i'm done, i just reached 200k sat, even with 6sat as start i would be ruined
don't try to get more 140k profits or u can get more losses in row. When i had 140k i just send this to my bank account and play with my bank balance with 6sat because i don't want risk and tested how many losses in row can get in +24hours.
чужое видео при чем очень старое...
2017-08-13 18:22:18
New video with the same strategy by Bitbitsler but with 50bb and big bankroll to earn 120$ in 9hours . Good viewing!

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