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Topic: ▂▃▅▆█ bitsler █▆▅▃▂🎲 |★★★bounty roll★★★| registration [06/27/2021]

June 27, 2021, 3:10 am
Bitsler Image

THE BOUNTY ROLL will start at Sun, 27 Jun 2021 05:15:32 GMT

Bounty Roll Information:
The game consists of a battle between the players, each person will receive a number that will equal his life (Roll) so you need to kill your opponent's number on the dice. The roll is a hit on the opposite user, you can not kill your own number. We will have two stages in the game, the first stage will have a maximum of 99 players and a prize of 0.35 $ per kill (this can be modified). The second stage has a prize of 0.25 $ (this can be modified), in this stage it will be the union of the new registrations (so the player can register in this stage, but cannot was registered in the first stage) with those who do not have kills in the first stage and is dead (players will come automatically, without registration). There will be a registration time and there will be a duration of the game (20 minutes in the first stage and 15 minutes in the second stage). The prize will be for the survivors of each stage (base * 10) and also for the number of hit to opponents (base * 50).
The first 20 biggest killers of the week go to the MegaBounty every Friday, it has only one stage and prize 1.50$ per kill.

Bounty Roll Rules
  • Any Player can join
  • Players that "hide their username from the bet lists" cannot participate.
  • Any bet amount below the minimum of basebet (depends on the game, will be at the top of the site) will not be able to kill.
  • The maximum chance is 90% (Payout 1.1x)
  • The bet result doesn't need to be a win itself .
  • Only Dice bets are allowed.
  • Bets before the game starts cannot be used
  • Bets after the game will not be valid
  • Base bet must be equal to or greater than those declared on the site for your bet to be valid
  • Bets from other players cannot be used
  • You will not be able to register for a step if it is already started
  • You will not be able to kill after you are dead
  • You cannot kill yourself
  • You cannot send rolls that are not on the list
  • You cannot hit a number that is already dead
  • You cannot register in two steps, only in one.

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