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Topic: [ethereum - important!] -- jaxx wallet required information for ethereum! (read inside!)

March 28, 2018, 10:58 pm
Hello BitSler Family!

It has come to our attention that many users are having issues with Ethereum deposits.

Specifically a non-related issue to the one that was being addressed which users of the Jaxx wallet should be aware.

I would like to firmly suggest if at all possible to avoid Jaxx wallet for Ethereum (unsure of other coins if this issue exists).

The fault lies in the issues it has with ETH network load and 'transaction failed' messages being received on the JAXX client side, however after repeatedly attempting to issue a non-contract (non-invoked / standard) Ethereum deposit there were transaction failure messages, eventually it sent but it did not confirm this in the client.
Since this issue can be caused by not using enough wei(gwei/gas/eth) or whatever you wish to call it for the transaction to propagate the network during heavy load. (Ethereum is the backbone of many, many tokens.)
This issue can be caused by poor network conditions as well as a number of other factors.

It is for this reason we suggest that you please read the following below carefully and thoroughly before using Jaxx wallet for depositing with Ethereum.
Kindly direct any issues with Jaxx to

Jaxx Customer Support

Jaxx Customer Service Team Management - March 29th, 2018 wrote:
The Transaction failed issue with ETH is not something we are seeing as a bug with the Jaxx app. It seemed that in rare cases, a timeout would occur on the user device communicating with our node that would cause it to believe the transaction wasn’t broadcasted. We optimized that flow and this should not be happening anymore, even in those rare cases when it was. This was something reported a few days ago and fixed yesterday. It was a shift quick fix.

To be sure the fix is in place, you should check the MENU > About section and be sure the Configuration is at 3.086 or higher. If you’re seeing a lower version or if it says Pending, restart the app and check again. It needs to say the version I mentioned or higher and a timestamp next to it. Restart Jaxx until it is.

Our devs are working on a new iteration of Jaxx where the configuration file will be applied asynchronously and restarting the app will no longer be needed in a few months.


Bitsler Team
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2018-03-28 23:00:37
Any users who have had an issue depositing any other coin using Jaxx send me a PM or respond to this post with what coin and approximately when this occurred, it's highly appreciated!


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2018-03-29 21:50:01
Updated with Customer Service Manager Response and fix to Ethereum transactions failing
(Jaxx ONLY)

Please note if there are any issues in this post, and contact the Jaxx customer service team via the provided link in the OP.

Kind Regards,

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