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Topic: Hello admins!

June 14, 2017, 9:29 pm
Hello dear staff.
Had this issue two days ago.
could not withdraw ballance to wallet because it was blocked. Contacted support - Gustavo, after 3-4 hours of discussion and collaboration. He asked me to change the pass and ask for the old one.
as i know this is to make sure that the owner he speaks with. Also provided a list of 4-5 accounts which i sincerelly never ever heard of.
and after no asnwer, no unlock. i Already lost my profit and credited ballance and still no luck of unblocking my account.

have only two Major accounts Playabit and Fivebbc.
with playabit i joined in december 2016, following in every social network try to keep updated. Have activity with these accounts almost every day.
Never made something like faucet warming.

I understand that bans and multi-accounting could be a ***** problem. but i provided all the information i was asked for , was honest with Gustavo and just asking you to make it possible for my 2 accounts to gamble further with you.

Thank you for your time.

Thanks in advance, Best.