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Topic: What do you want on bitsler?

June 21, 2017, 9:43 pm
Hello guys,

Everything in the title !

2017-07-29 14:14:34
seria interessante se tivesse um jeito de comprar bitcoins direto no site assim n teria que pagar a taxa de transferencia das outras carteiras pra ca, e teria mais moedas em circulaçao no site. e parabens pelo site baryom muito bom.
2017-08-23 20:56:07
Im sure im not the only one who has had this happened.

I want to petition a change on the limiting number of rolls on the dice game. Please give us an option to reset on win whether togglable or perminent.

I set it to not go over 400 losses, and I forgot to reset it, causing it to stop before I won anything and losing .01 BTC.

Its a nice change that everyone could use or agree upon.
2017-09-12 06:07:53
1. Add livebet with RARE WiNS (little bet amount and winning big profit)
2. Add investment from player with fairly sharing
3. Clearing banned and mute suddenly, Clarify the reason before bann or mute is done with a warning. For avoid multiaccount or selling and buying account, bitsler system should have tools for make new account with email or other authorized before, so reduced admin task for bann and muted after be a member. Before admin mute or banned, admin create a red list player as a warning for a rule violation. Maybe posting here in the forum or talk to MOD in the room. and MOD can announce the list.

Bitsler is the best Site..
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2017-09-14 13:11:03
Can bitsler add stop when lose, stop when win. I can't manage bankroll when i lose.
There is already a feature for stop when win and stop when lose.

Just put "-100%" in the increase/decrease box.
2017-09-14 13:54:18
Hello Baryom I'm Brazilian, sorry for some translation errors but I hope you understand.

I wanted in the bitsler a Paying Turner to enter and dispute an equal sit and go prize in poker.

A Tournament where we pay the registration to win a balance in the x coin
who stay in 1 place takes 50% of the prize 2 place 30% ¨ and thus the division depending on the amount of people playing.

I believe this is different and would change and you bitler would only have to gain from it.
2017-09-14 14:55:05
1. Mobile App, if it is ever possible.

2. Showcase of the top users who have made huge amounts of profit from Bitsler (if their profit is not hidden by them) in totality. I think this would motivate a lot of people to try their luck even more.

3. "An Option" where we can pay less miner's fees and wait a little while for our transaction to be sent to our desired wallet and you guys can combine several user's (maybe 20 or 50 or whatever number of users who have chosen this option while withdrawing their coin around the same time) withdrawal requests into one coin transaction on the blockchain and so you can even keep a small portion of the total fee paid by everyone together and the remaining fee would be applied to this One Transaction only. Basically, kinda like how the bitcoin withdrawals from Poloniex works. They only charge 0.0001 bitcoin per withdrawal and then combine many withdrawal requests made around that time and then after some time send it all compressed into one transaction. I hope you got me. It would be beneficial for you guys too as you can earn a little from that too and also for us as we would not lose huge amount of coin as miner's fee. This would increase the bitcoin deposited on your site by the users IMO.

4. A "News Section" dedicated to all hot and latest cryptocurrency news and information.

Right now, I can only think of these points. Will let you know when I think of more.

Thank you.
2017-11-29 15:23:08
I want to be able to withdraw from my faucet again. I'm so angry that was taken away from me who has literally given Bitsler a full BTC. I wont play or deposit until I get that ability back.
2017-11-30 08:10:26
Hello baryom!

1. Adding the hot key "Roll Dice"
2. Adding "Maximum amount of a bet" to Automated betting options

Thank you)
2017-11-30 13:43:25
Hello baryon, I would like to lower the bet amount to raise the level, because it has never been adjusted and btc is very high, making it difficult
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2020-11-19 00:07:19
POKER tab to go next to the SPORTS and CASINO tabs.
- NLH cash game tables
- Buy-in tournaments + sit & go's
- Hourly / Daily / Weekly, 500/5000/50000 satoshi free roll tournaments. Split winnings like wager/bitsler coin competitions but how many splits is dependant on the tournaments total chip count.

As I know this is a lot to ask for, my hopes won't be high. This would be a dream come true tho, and I'd praise all those who partook in it's uprising if it came to be.