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Topic: New legend *** methylminer ***

October 19, 2017, 5:47 pm
Bitsler Image
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2017-11-05 13:50:53
The Fresh Legend of Bitsler

This is a story all about how
My stats got flipped turned upside down
And if you got a minute then listen up mister
I'll tell you how I became a legend at a site called Bitsler

In west Curaçao, Bitsler was born and raised
And playing dice is where I spent most of my days
Make it rain, chatin it up thinkin im cool
Then keep my stats public to prove im not a fool

Then a couple of guys were up to no good
Started farming faucets in my neighborhood
Got a message from Baryom and guess what he said
Your a VIP now, message me on telegram instead

Kept rollin and rollin, I could see legend was near
When I login to Bitsler it says Dice is played here
If anything I could say my win streak was rare
But nah man forget it, its provably fair

I start to play Dice around 7 or 8
And yell to homeies "Yo dudes." What could be greater?
One day I login and a new tag starts to glister
I became the fresh legend of a site called Bitsler
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2017-11-06 07:03:18
Gratz methyl, much love from myself and, i'm sure, the rest of the bitsler community. Enjoy your beautiful legend tag and get your fresh parody of the 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air' published mate