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Topic: Bitler best community club

September 28, 2017, 10:19 am
Bitler Best Community Club

Introducing the Bitsler Best Community Club

Say something nice about the community or another player here in this topic, a prize (yet to be determined), will eventually >one day be given out...
2017-09-28 11:14:06
I feel It as my privilege to comment on this post as first player.

First of all, I would like to thank Heavydeiselx for creating this page. I hope every one would love this and make a comment and encourage this page.

Bitsler is my first ever Gambling site I have started playing and Bitsler is always like my provider. The moment I have learned about provably fair, after 2 or 3 months my joining, I started loving Bitsler more as it always been a provably fair site and is best.. its been almost an year here since I have joined Bitsler and never had any regrets or any complaints... Bitsler always has Compliments for it's support, friendliness and kindness of Admins.. It has very good and impressive interface and loving chat which always active with more than a 3000 players online every time and fun chat games.. its like recreation and virtual amusement.

HeavyDeiselx asked me to say something about the players whom you love most... well I have many close to heart be it Admins or be it MODs or be it players.. Naming only few will make some one feel, why I cam not in Fairbee's best pal's list.. the thing is I like each and every bitsler player.. I love the players who love bitsler most.

Once again Thanks for such a wonderful page Heavydeiselx bro.

Though you haven't announced any prize, I personally would like to contribute a prize money of 0.00100000 btc for three best comments you chose by end of this month. I would like to award 50k as first prize, 30k as 2nd prize and 20k as thrid prize..Prizes will be distributed to winners on 1st of October 2017. Winners will be chosen by Heavydeiselx.

Good luck
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2017-09-28 12:02:07
At Bitsler, you can enjoy:

Real time chat features
Customization of your profile
Sharing your best bets with others
Comment on posts
Add friends
Follow members

the community it's great here, I really love it
2017-09-28 14:49:01

B---> brings Blissfull (joy) to playes
I---> brings Intense to players who won big
T---> players needs Timing to win big
S---> some players make the site as their SOURCE of INCOME
L---> no one is LONELY when you start loving Bitsler...
some players not just playing they also interacts / communicate with other players.
E---> EXCITING with regards in giving prizes
R---> Reliable site to play, you dont need to go in Real Casino

no gambling site will never ever be like BITSLER....

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2017-09-28 17:36:38
First of all thanks to HD bro, to make this page, and i have no words to describe it. Bitsler is my HOME. so if i talk anything its so positive. no words to say abot it. i see lot of gambling sites, but i dont like to leave it. Finally Bitsler have Good Administration
2017-09-30 00:05:43
i got no words to say .... i didnt know how to say.... but i know deep in my heart how i react on social media when the topic is about bitsler... i hate negative comments about this site... yes you can see me on almost all site but only bitsler is the site i promote on my facebook this is the my way of saying thanks to the admins for being nice to us pinoy community

2017-09-30 22:42:19
bitsler, the place where you can meet all kind of people.

If you didn't chat in bitsler chat rooms you didn't explore full potential of this site. When you enter bitsler you may think it's just dice site. While gambling is made to be fun and entertaining, bitsler chat rooms reveal whole another world. Win or lose, lose or win soon doesn't matter. You have friends, and they are here to embrace you no matter what and to share all emotions with you.

If you tell someone that such place exist in gambling site, he wouldn't believe until he create account. Many players created account here. But they always return even after some time, just to say hi and find old friends.

bitsler is not just gambling site, it's a community of good people.

Good luck friends
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