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Topic: Weekly bitsler sports betting #4

October 18, 2020, 10:03 am
Weekly Sports Betting #4

Bitsler Image

>> Sports Challenge: Win More bets with 2+ Odds <<

Start Date and Time: 18th Oct 10:00 AM GMT
End Date and Time: 25th Oct 10:00 AM GMT

Prize Pool: 0.007 Bitcoin

General Rules:
  • Player can bet on any sports in any markets except soccer and it can be single or parlay bet
  • Bet must be placed after the Weekly Challenge start.
  • Only winning and settled bets with 2+ odds count.
  • Daily single player can post only maximum 30 bets.
  • Player have to post their bets in 48 hours after its settled.
  • Only settled bets count. Bet must be settled before the week challenge closed.
  • Daily Quota is max 30 bets. If players post over 30 bets then except 30 will be considered void.
  • Repeated bets (same type of bets with same odds) will not count and be considered void.
  • Player can post bets in multiple comment. But try for not to use more comment.
  • Only Real coins bets allowed. Bitsler coin not allowed.
  • Multi accounts not allowed.
  • Anonymous Bets not allowed.
  • Bitsler reserves the right not to pay a player and award their prize to the next eligible player to preserve the fairness and integrity of the challenge.
  • Players need to follow the bet submission format.

The Player will Get a prize using below mention formula.

Total Prize = Winner Prize + Bonus Prize
Winner Prize = (0.005*Player's Total Winning Bets)/Total Win Bets
Bonus Prize = 0.002/Total Players

Bet Submission Format:


Minimum base bet amount for Sports Betting

0.00001000 BTC
0.00050000 ETH
0.50000000 XRP
0.00200000 LTC
0.10000000 USDT
50.00000000 DOGE
0.02000000 ETC
0.00050000 BCH
0.00200000 ZCash
5.00000000 DGB
0.05000000 EOS
1.50000000 XLM
5.00000000 TRX
0.00150000 Dash
0.00050000 BSV
0.01000000 BTG
0.01000000 NEO
0.25000000 STRAT
0.15000000 KMD
0.10000000 Lisk
0.05000000 Qtum
0.10000000 Waves

If any player don’t follow the General Rules then His/Her Entry will be not consider.

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