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Topic: Weekly bitsler indian premier league #4

May 2, 2021, 6:00 pm
Weekly Bitsler Indian Premier League #4

Bitsler Image

Start Date and Time: 16th Sept 12:00 PM GMT
End Date and Time: 26th Sept 10:00 AM GMT

Included Matches for this weekly challenge listed below

General Rules:
  • Players can bet on matches listed above and it can be only a parlay bet.
  • The minimum Bet amount for Parlay is a Bitsler Default base bet.
  • Only settled parlay bet gets the point according to the Point System.
  • Bet must be settled before the week challenge closes or Match 39 end time
  • Players must post there bets before start of the game or will not be accepted
  • In the case of a tie, the player with the most points won from winning bets gets the advantage
  • The same sub-market from each game can be used only one time.
  • There is a total of six markets ( Main, Innings, Overs, Players, Total, Specials) and approx 60+ submarkets.
  • Every week challenge points will be added to the IPL leaderboard(April 9th to Oct 15th).
  • The player can post bets in multiple comments. But try not to use more comments.
  • Admins can ask for KYC for winners, in order, to prevent abuse or bad intentions.
  • Anonymous Bets not allowed.
  • All bets need to be placed before the start of the game.
  • Bets can be voided if admins deem abuses or any other reasons
  • Minimum odds 1.4 and above per sub market

Parlay Bets Point System:
Bitsler Image
  • Parlay with 2 Match = (Odds x $ Wager Amount x 1) points per bet won
  • Parlay with 3 Match = (Odds x $ Wager Amount x 2) points per bet won
  • Parlay with 4 Match = (Odds x $ Wager Amount x 4) points per bet won
  • Parlay with 5+ Match = (Odds x $ Wager Amount x 6) points per bet won
  • Parlay with 2 Match = (Odds x $ Wager Amount x 0.5) points per bet loss
  • Parlay with 3 Match = (Odds x $ Wager Amount x 1) points per bet loss
  • Parlay with 4 Match = (Odds x $ Wager Amount x 2) points per bet loss
  • Parlay with 5+ Match = (Odds x $ Wager Amount x 3) points per bet loss
*For losing parlay bets odds will be considered as 1.4.

Weekly Bitsler IPL Prize
Winner 1st: 60$
Winner 2nd: 50$
Winner 3rd: 40$
Winner 4th: 30$
Winner 5th: 25$
Winner 6th: 25$
Winner 7th: 20$
Winner 8th: 20$
Winner 9th: 15$
Winner 10th: 15$

General Rules:
  • All matches will be taken into consideration from April 9th to Oct 15th (Total 60 Matches). There will be a total of six Weekly Challenges.
  • Only valid bets according to General Rules and Point System will count for the IPL Leaderboard.
  • In the case of a tie, the total wager amount will get the priority.

Winner 1st: 300$
Winner 2nd: 150$
Winner 3rd: 100$
Winner 4th: 70$
Winner 5th: 70$

Winner 6th: 70$
Winner 7th: 50$
Winner 8th: 50$
Winner 9th: 50$
Winner 10th: 40$

Winner 11th: 30$
Winner 12th: 30$
Winner 13th: 30$
Winner 14th: 30$
Winner 15th: 30$

Winner 16th: 20$
Winner 17th: 20$
Winner 18th: 20$
Winner 19th: 20$
Winner 20th: 20$

Minimum 1$ value estimated for Points Only

BTC: 0.00002086
ETH: 0.00027625
XRP: 0.90009001
LTC: 0.00523259
USDT: 1.00000000
Doge: 4.10004100
ETC: 0.01705321
BCH: 0.00155511
ZEC: 0.00711592
DGB: 16.76164935
EOS: 0.19782394
XLM: 2.98240382
TRX: 8.57632933
Dash: 0.00470190
BSV: 0.00635566
BTG: 0.01455816
NEO: 0.01935734
QTUM: 0.07843137

Bet Submission Format:


If any player don’t follow the General Rules then His/Her Entry will be not consider.
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