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Topic: Bets did not match the third party verifier lost -0.2 btc

March 17, 2018, 5:41 am
hi i was playing at multicolor and while i was playing i was able to hit some decent bets, i made in less than 5 minutes up to 0.2 btc but then i noticed a lag on the site and the multicolor wheel wasnt spinning smoothly like it did at the begining and of course i started losing all my coins. so my friend adviced me to change the seeds so i did but i was still losing and gameplay wasnt running like before. then i was reading about the seeds and its function so i visited a site probably fair verifier and follow the instructions of the page to verify my bets and i took a screenshot of my results on bitler and the verifier results. there were some bets that didnt match so i would like to verify previous bets. Specially the ones were i was betting 0.001 btc. please advice

Bitsler Image Bitsler Image
2018-03-17 12:32:01
Good Day,

I've investigated your concern and here are the details.

- Bitsler result is correct.
- As you can see on your screenshot, the Bet id in question is BET ID: 23396932090 and BET ID: 23404007296
- On the verifier it says that the result should be 5x, while on Bitsler it says 3x.
- You can see on the verifier screenshot that the roll result for BET ID: 23396932090 is 9.848, and BET ID: 23404007296 is 9.335
- If you check Bitsler Multi color rules, the conversion range 8 - 11.499 = 3x. So both bets falls under 3x and not 5x.
Bitsler Image

In conclusion, the bet results are correct, the roll result on verifier is correct, but the 'multiplier' on the verifier is Wrong.
And because is a 3rd party site, we have no control over their content, however, I've already contacted the owner of to fix this misconception.

Thank you,

- last edited: March 17, 2018, 12:37 pm