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Topic: Csgo: esports betting tutorial

April 12, 2022, 3:21 pm
CSGO: Esports Betting Tutorial
It's time to become an expert in Esport and learn how to bet on CS:GO
General info to know when you bet on CG:SO

  • The total number of rounds in a map is 30. The first team to win 16 rounds wins the map.
  • There is the possibility of a map finishing 15-15, which would result in an overtime period of 6 extra rounds – 3 rounds as T and 3 rounds as CT – being played. The first team to win 4 rounds wins the map.
  • Bo1, Bo2, Bo3, Bo4, and Bo5, mean “Best Of X”, so you need a minimum number of map wins to win the whole match. The tournament organizers determine the “Best of X” markets.
  • Quarterfinals and semi-finals are usually played to the best of 3 and finals are usually best of 5.

    For example:
    • For a best of 5, a team can win 3-0, 3-1, or 3-2
    • For a best of 3, a team can win 2-0 or 2-1

CS:GO : Winner betting explained
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You need to bet on the winner of the game. 1.82 and 1.92 are the odds. The higher the odds are, the more you will get if your team wins.

For Example, You bet 50 USDT on NATUS VINCERE with 1.82 Odds
  • If NATUS VINCERE wins, you will win 50*1.82 = 91 USDT
  • If NATUS VINCERE loses, you lose the bet.

You bet 50 USDT on GAMBIT
  • If GAMBIT wins, you will win 50 * 1.92 = 96 USDT
  • If GAMBIT loses, you lose the bet.

CS:GO : Wins at least one map explained
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If you chose to bet 50 USDT on "Yes" at odds of 2.30 and NATUS VINCERE wins one or more maps, you win 50*2.3 = 115 USDT

CSGO : Round handicap betting explained
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Round handicap is the number of rounds in a map. We currently only offer this for CS:GO. The total number of rounds in a map is 30. The first team to win 16 rounds wins the map.

  • "NATUS VINCERE is playing against GAMBIT ESPORTS". NATUS is the favorite to win the match and GAMBIT is the underdog. If you bet 50 USDT on NATUS VINCERE +8.5 at odds 1.30 and the map ends up with a surprise win for Gambit 8-16, you would still win 50*1.3 = 65 USDT!

CS:GO : Number of maps betting Explained
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The number of maps in CS:GO can be under or over 2.5.

Number of maps CS:GO example: if you bet 10 USDT on CS:GO Map Handicap Under 2.5, that means that you bet that there will be only 2 maps played.
  • If indeed the final score is 2-0, your bet wins => 10 * 1.3 = 13 USDT
  • If the final score is 2-1, it means that 3 maps were played, and your bet loses (you should have bet on over 2.5)

CS:GO : Match handicap betting explained
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The odds on clear favorites to win are often too low, which is why betting on them to win the match isn’t an option. This is where CS:GO match handicap betting comes in handy.

CS:GO match handicap betting covers the score difference in a round/map. The best way to explain it is with an example.

For example: if you bet 50 USDT on GAMBIT “Match Handicap -2.5” at odds of 12.0, (in a Bo5, the score can be 3-0, 3-1, or 3-2)
  • Case 1: GAMBIT wins 3-0 => your bet wins = 50 * 12 = 600 USDT
  • Case 2: GAMBIT wins 3-1 => your bet loses
  • Case 3: NATUS VINCERE wins 3-1 or 3-2 or 3- 0 => your bet loses

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