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Topic: Suggestion for a reasonable pming system

December 5, 2020, 6:53 am
Greetings comrades! Today I'd like to officially share my suggestion/idea on how I believe the admins could add a PMing system, while still avoiding all the negative things PMing usually brings with it. After reading and thinking about my purposed idea, please leave your opinion on the matter below. The more feedback(as long as it isn't toxic...) the better!!

So, my idea is pretty simple tbh. What if admins added PMing system, but made it only available for players with the rank of Diamond or higher? Right off the bat, that would eliminate nearly all potential begging that a PM system usually tends to bring to sites. And for anyone that's Diamond+ that uses PMing system for begging(disgusting people), admins can simply have a 'report' button somewhere in the PM chatbox that players could use anytime they get sent a message of someone begging them for a loan, favor, free monies, etc.

I've talked to many many people in the English chat about possibly adding a PMing feature, especially a lot of the mods... And they do bring up some good points, such as...

1.Begging(I believe my suggestion would prevent nearly all potential begging, and would deal with any that still happens)
2.Scamming, loaning, etc.(To prevent anyone from blaming the site/staff for them getting scammed via PMs, simply add a list of rules for PMing, with 1 of them being something like "No loaning, lending, begging, etc. We will not be responsible for any money lost, blablabla" you get my point(i hope lol).
3.Ref links, scam links, any kind of dangerous links(This can either be dealt with by using the 'report' button mentioned before, or if needed, just have ANY & ALL links completely against the rules to use/send via PMs. Simply give a players a decently sized punishment for breaking this rule, and it wont be something they do again )

I can't remember if there are anymore reasons mods have said to me as to why there currently isnt any kind of PMing system. If any of you reading this can think of anything negative that a Diamond+ PMing system could possibly bring to the site, PLEASE do not hesitate to reply below and explain. I will edit/add more if anyone provides any sensible risks/issues that my suggestion could potentially bring.

I'm very passionate about this idea(as passionate as one can be about a suggestion ), so please provide as much constructive feedback as possible! In my experience from ~6-7 years of playing on online casinos, most suggestions(even really good ones) never get even considered to be added unless a decent amount of players talk about/support the idea. So if you think this at least a half-***** decent idea, and you want it to possibly be implemented in the near future, do us all a favor and reply below.

I hope to hear from many of my fellow Bitsler gambling-degens in the near future

Have a great day guys/gals!,

2020-12-06 00:04:13
problem is in our chat ( and you gonna agree ) the beggars are mostly diamond lol
I dont think that's true... Only diamond ranked player I ever see begging is FF(worst beggar I've ever seen). And admins can always blacklist certain people from using PMs. Like, if anyone Diamond+ rank ever begs via PMs, punishment could be them losing the ability to PM for good for maybe for first time offence, losing it for a week or something like that.