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Topic: Bitsler sportsbook feedback/suggestions/ideas

October 1, 2020, 1:52 pm
Hey there guys,
Wanted to make a forum post and get everyone's feedback on our SportsBook. Since we have launched it, there might be things you guys would like to see improved or added to our new product.
Please share here all your feedbacks/ideas/suggestions and if possible well detailted. We strive to make our community the best one in the market and we shall listen and adapt to our community needs.
2020-10-01 14:09:53
I think the sportsbook brings great value to Bitsler, and i would have a few suggestions.
First would be to have more betting odds, even if low odds for lets say over 1.5, or over 0.5 half time, and more betting options, like a team wins either half.
And one other option, that in my opinion would be great if it gets added. Let's say i want to bet on over 0.5 half time, and the odd for that is 1.25, but i want to bet make that bet only if the odd is 1.55, and instead wait for the game to go live, and wait for the bet to increase, i place my *****, set the odd at 1.55, and the bet goes live only if during live the odd reach that value. If a goal is scored before the odd gets to 1.55, the bet is void.
This is what i can think at the moment, i would like to here other thoughts.
2020-10-01 16:31:03
1.Show us the result/score in our bet slip during the game or even after the game is over. Because on mobile phone, sport page is heavy while you open chatroom (there's bit of laggy when chat).
2.Option to cancel bet/bets for upcoming/next match/matches.

These are just some ideas. The decision is yours to make 😁