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Topic: Am banned by my friend (arbitrary expulsion)

January 8, 2019, 11:16 am
Hello guys, this is the first time in my life wronged in this way, my friend MOD Nwo911 took me out of the Frensh room and banned me for 1000 day for nothing i swear, he said that the reason is to raise problems in Telegram frensh room !!! although I have not been in this Telegram room for weeks, something unthinkable. All players love me, respect me and i respect everyone here, i have no problems with anyone, this arbitrary expulsion was carried out without providing evidence or eyewitnesses of my being subjected to a disgraceful act, Nwo911 did not tell me what disgraceful act I had done, when I defended myself he banned me, deprive me of Friends and Bounty without any right, I was shocked by this meager treatment i have 35 years and no one has left me like this before, may it's a sabotage for me i dont know !!! may i have been hacked on Telegram or Bitsler accounts i dont know please help me, please ask him for a logical explanation and a compelling argument for doing something wrong, i dont know why he did this for me, please iam oppressed by a great injustice thank you for your attention

Best Regards