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Topic: Bitsler please set basebets back to old levels or 10 satoshi!

October 5, 2022, 3:53 pm
Dear Admins, Devs, Bitsler Alumni, and Gab and Bary….

I’m asking you as a loyal and honest friend, loyal player, and member of the Bitsler Alumni class of 16’ to please lower basebet amounts back to where they have been in the past or roughly 0.00000010 satoshi. This is for the best of the site and players alike and may allow for extended gameplay, less money spent/min, and additional player retention and loyalty due to a better selection of basebets and corresponding wins and playtime. This will bring to the site a higher amount of gameplay through a longer win or loss time which also will have a higher bet number which will ad an additional edge to the bottom line. Unfortunately over the years max bets have lowered but baseline bets have been increased causing an other then statistically even trend of things done in best interest of the player. I ask for any players even if you may feel differently then myself to speak up and support the request for lower baseline bet levels to be available. Any ideas are welcomed as is feedback.