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Topic: No chance for 100%

June 14, 2017, 7:54 pm
Hi Folks!

I want to tell You something about gaming on Bitsler. I play many times with lot of difrence strategy on Bitsler. Most of the strategys I take from McGuiver blog about BTC earnings. Btw. Thanks McGuiver for your strategy, they are really good, but ...... NO matter what kind of strategy You pick, You will always lose. Why ?? because there is no chance to win more than 10 000 satoshi. I mean .... 10 000 satoshi from 750 free faucet balance. Im play with Dice Bot, and when I break 10 000 satoshi balance, then ......... I call that "red rain" ................. LOT OF RED COLORS. You know what I mean? ..... I got new world record ..... 60 times red color !!!!!!! .......... Yesterday one Guy explain, what does it mean "probably fair" ... Ok, I agree with Him ........ but I have my own new theory about this ...... THEY CAN`T BE AT "MINUS" THEY NEVER, I SAID ...... NEVER!! LET YOU TO WIN. ....... THEY ALWAYS BE THE WINNER!!! .... YEAH! FU....IN BULL....IT!!! PROBABLY FAIR!! .......

Guys! be smart!! don`t play here and on the many others site like that one, cause You loose Your money!!

Im stop with this! and I will make a movie on Youtube, How relly fair is a bitlser!!!!
2017-06-14 21:36:30
Mihuu i believe you are in bad mood, thats why you feel unlucky.

Whatever strategy you play cant last for long. Try high payout strategy with small loss events so you can afford many reds.

We play against maths and is sure we will lose but we are gamblers and we like that.

And keep one seed dont change it in my opinion
2017-06-14 21:51:24
Here if you ever have any doubts:
or provably fair verifier. BitSler. Go to the "Account" > Provably fair", change your seeds and copy the "Last" seeds

Hope you understand it . Dont forget that house edge is 1%