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Topic: ★| guide |★ password - setup and updating

June 8, 2017, 4:26 pm
Select account

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Select security account

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Select password

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You will see a popup window giving you the option to set your password

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or you will see a popup window giving you the option to change your password

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You can now choose a password or update your previously set password

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Best password practices:
Don’t use dictionary words or names your passwords
Don’t use common misspellings of dictionary words either
Don’t use the name of the computer or your account
Don’t use a short password, it's best if the password is at least 12 characters (The longer, the better)
Don’t use single character sets (use multiple character sets such as numbers, mixed case, punctuation etc.)
Don’t choose famous or well-known lyrics/lines/names etc.
Don’t share your password with anyone else
Don’t use the same password for different sites
Don’t forget your password!

Alternatively use a password generator such as Lastpass or Nortan

Additional Info:
Minimum password length = 6 characters
Maximum password length = unlimited
You can't use your nickname in your password

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