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Topic: Suggestions for bounty roll

2020-11-16 13:25:00
i hope you have a good record on RH,, sometimes posting hit did not record,, thats my only suggestion , or use something to capture some videos on the game so that you can repeat it if there is something fault
2020-11-16 13:28:59
Wonderful game, Bitsler specializes in

I ask to maintain continuity even on weekends
There is no need to create two games daily
You can create another game on the same day
Also, it is good to have more than one moderator who creates the game so that we do not depend on one moderator for that
2020-11-16 13:34:17
Hi Joao, you have done such an amazing job with this bounty contest - there have been many improvements already done (excell, 2step contest, non-killers stepping into 2nd phase etc). Your recent warnings about multitabbing or multidicing personally for me were eye-opening. I do not know how you would catch those abusers, but there definitely should be a way (perhaps, developers would assist in that) and it would bring more health to the contest. Your bounty intitative is uddoubtfuly an incredible contribution to the bitsler communinity. Please do not quit, keep it up. Boa buddy!
2020-11-16 13:38:48
John, first you are the best modgamer. YOU ROCK lol.

But you are too friendly with people. You need to mute more people. People should respect you and your time to organize these FREE game.

For the game :

- is it possible to add a windows only in the game room (see with developpers) to have only your post (alive hunters, recommandations, warning...)
- first post should be taken into account and not the ID roll

Finally, I thank you for all : bounty, game in brazilian's chat, your friendless...

Thank you very much !!!