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Topic: Hello all, this is why dice is the "best" game of the platform :

June 9, 2017, 10:51 am
I've just spent an hour with my calculator and I have found that dice has a way better payout than every other game on the site, for every bet.

If you play any other game than dice you are "playing" and paying for the nice colors. I judge no one but mathematically it is a bad idea to play any other game than dice.
For example :
With the roullette game, if you're playing black or white, your win probability is 46.666... % the game has a 95.6666...% statistical profitability, Bitsler takes an 4.3333...% cut every bet.
With the dice game, if you want the same payout of 2.05, your win probability is 48.29% and so the game has a 98.9945 % statistical profitability, Bitsler takes an 1.0055...% cut every bet.

I have done these calculations for every bet and every game and I have always found that you have better odds playing the dice game.

You can either believe me or do the calculations yourselves, here is how :
To compare two bets first establish the win probability of your bet, for the black on the roulette it is 7/15 = 0.46666...%, then take that probability and type it into the chance part of the dice game, this will give you a payout of 2.1214 > 2.05.

To determin a game's profitability (as this is a gambling platform so you will never find more than 1, this would mean you could win money on the long term), the calculation is :
payout x chance (in %) = statistical profitablity
With dice you will find figures just under 99% while with other games you will generaly be just under 96%, thus a 3% cut for nicer colours.
2017-06-09 12:13:42
You forgot to take into consideration the variance, house edge is by no means a representation of your odds of winning; the games that you describe as "worse" than dice are so because their variance is calculated in a different manner, this makes their volatility a bit different from dice, that's why they got a slightly lower return. Say for example, you can have a 30+ losing streak playing Dice @ 2x payout fairly often if you don't plan a proper strategy, but a 30+ streak on certain color on roulette happens like once in half a million bets; taking into consideration that the roulette spins twice per minute, this in theory, would happen once every 347.22~ days (more or less).

Bitsler has to profit from their efforts of coding every other game as well, they can't just give away free money or any advantage that would put a player above them. They're already giving away enough through chat games and some other events.
2017-09-09 06:39:48
where do you think they get a cut if you win more than you wager wheres there cut usually 3 or 4 times chance% for loss increase makes win more than wagered
2017-09-14 14:10:50
IMO also Dice Gambling is the best and offers the maximum chance to gain profits.

Just play for fun and enjoy while playing. And make sure you can afford what you put in on Bitsler. Rest, it only depends on your luck and a lil bit on your strategy.