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Topic: Rules for ask our forum dev

June 14, 2017, 12:48 pm
Additional Rules below applies to this specific category (Ask our Forum Dev). **General forum rules still apply**

All posts here are for Bitsler Forum Dev only. Any other posts that relates to main Bitsler site, please contact our support or submit a ticket at

Post Format:
Topic title must include one of the details below:
  • [Question] - Questions that relates to Bitsler forum only, in regards to technical details or specifications
  • [Suggestion] - Suggest additional features and/or removal of features.
  • [Bug] - Bugs that you may have found
  • [General] - Anything you want to say to our Dev

example post title: [Question] What is the minimum characters when posting.

Topic body
  • Question: You can freely write anything here as long as it is related to the title posted. Please include all details to your questions.
  • Suggestion: Also include as much details as possible. All suggestions will be deliberated by Admins and will only be applied upon Bitsler's management approval.
  • General: Anything you want to say to our Dev. Rants and Criticsm are welcome, just please observe general forum rules.
  • Bug: For Bugs posts, special body rules apply. It must include the following:
    • Details - Details of the bug, please give as much information as possible
    • Time/Date - Include date and time that the bug happened
    • Device - The device used when error occured. Either Desktop,Mobile,Tablet etc. Please include OS if possible.
    • Browser - The Browser used, please include the version. Example: Google Chrome Version 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit)
    • Additional - (optional)Additional details and scenario when the bug happene. Extra information such as screenshots or images of the bug are appreciated.

Example Post
Title: [Bug] Error when editing

Details: When clicking edit on one of my replies, I get an error. It also happens on all of my replies.
Time/Date: 20:41:34/2017-06-14
Device: Desktop, Windows 10 64-bit
Browser: Google Chrome Version 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit)
Additional: I wanted to edit my reply because of wrong spelling, but when i click Edit button, i get an error message that says "Unauthorize" but im already logged in. Here are some screenshots:
-screenshot1.png- -screenshot2.png-
Posts that do not follow the rules above may be considered as spam and may be closed with out further replies.