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Topic: what is the nature of faucet and rain function

May 1, 2018, 4:19 am
Hello Guys,...

I am very happy to be in the bitsler community, because I can earn income and also many friends.
basically I know that faucet is an experiment in a game given bitsler party to the user who joined in a game.
users who have joined have different levels according to the wagered set by the bitsler and will get free coin from faucet of different levels, the higher the level it will be the greater the coin that will be in the can from the faucet until unlimited.

But it is very unfortunately if we are too excessive use of faucet or rain to in exchange with another coin then the coin exchange function will not work and we can not do the game with the coins we love.
this is really very apprehensive for users who are trying to get free coin that is growing.
then for whether we are active in chat? and also for whether we get a high level, if everything we get is considered wrong by the bitsler.

I hope if it is faucet and rain it is not to make us add income in a game then it would be better removed and we will know how the next bitsler development.

I think this can be considered by the bitsler in a decision-making, so we still remain a loyal user.
If my thread is not useful please delete it, and if this is a reasonable suggestion please reply a meaningful reply

2018-05-01 22:07:28

I have to say that I didn't understand what is your complaining about. Maybe you don't know site rules.

Faucet is to test site.
Rains are yours, you can withdraw it.

Using faucet to reach 50k sat and exchange it to alt coins is faucet farm and is forbidden.

Bitsler is not an exchange site, it's gambling site.

You can contact support and suggest your ideas.

Kind Regards
- last edited: May 1, 2018, 10:08 pm