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Topic: Social tasks giveaway - how it's calculated

November 21, 2019, 10:23 am
Contestant tickets
Each contestant can get 1 or more tickets. We make a SHA256 hash of their Bitsler username and ticket number with a "-" (Hyphen-minus) delimiter. So TestPlayer with 2 tickets, gets 2 tickets which are the SHA256 hashes of "TestPlayer-1" and "TestPlayer-2". From these hashes, we take the first 7 characters and convert it from hexadecimals to decimals. So for example, with ticket "TestPlayer-1", the first characters of the SHA256 hash are d3396a5 and the ticket number becomes 221,484,709.

For the winning result, we do the same but with a SHA256 hash of bitcoin blockhash. We will use the first bitcoin block after the announced block time. We compare the winning number with the contestant ticket numbers and whoever is closest is the winner!(2nd closest is the 2nd winner etc.) For Social tasks giveaway with multiple winners, every contestant can only win once.

Because we use a bitcoin blockhash for the winning number, we cannot determine the Social tasks giveaway result ourselves, making it provably fair! We also announce the contestant list and number of tickets in advance, so we cannot change this afterwards either. This is all to ensure a fun and provably fair Social tasks giveaway!

Tools to help you verify the result yourself
- SHA256 calculator:
- Hexadecimals to decimals: (edited)
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