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Topic: Topic: #79 - 160 usdt weekly social tasks giveaway

July 19, 2021, 1:46 pm
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1st - 16 USDT
2nd - 16 USDT
3rd - 16 USDT
4th - 16 USDT
5th - 16 USDT
6th - 16 USDT
7th - 16 USDT
8th - 16 USDT
9th - 16 USDT
10th - 16 USDT

Start: 2021 Jun 19th, 14:00 GMT +0.
Ends: 2021 July 26th, 14:00 GMT +0.

Draw: 1st Blockchain hash after - July 26th, 14:00 GMT +0.

More information:

- Multi accounts participation by same user will result in ban ( Excluded/Banned Players)
- Bronze level or higher players can participate with no further requirements
- Non-Bronze accounts can also participate, but must be 45 days old at least
- Prizes could take up to 48 hours to be credited, please be patient and congratulations!
- Bitsler reserves the right not to pay a player and award their prize to the next eligible player to preserve the fairness and integrity of the challenge. Excluded players
can't petition Bitsler's decision as it will be final while the total guaranteed prize pool for each challenge is distributed by Bitsler.
- Trying to abuse the Social tasks giveaway giveaway by not sharing on FB, Not retweeting on Twitter, not commenting and not liking the post will make the abusers not Eligible
- One can not score more than the possible overall points given in the Social tasks giveaway. Having more points than Possible overall scoring will Result in Disqualify for the week.
- Deleting the posts after Sharing/Retweeting will be watched over and doing so will result in Disqualify for the week.
2021-07-19 13:47:29

1st winner -
2nd winner -
3rd winner -
4th winner -
5th winner -
6th winner -
7th winner -
8th winner -
9th winner -
10th winner -

Block result
Blockchain block time:
Blockchain block height:
Blockchain block hash:

Draw result
Social tasks giveaway hash:
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