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Topic: Les commandes sur le chat (bot)

June 7, 2017, 5:41 pm

C: !user username
R: Gives the UID, name, times rained and total rain received
C: !btc
R: replaced by any crypto supported by poloniex. Returns price for that crypto relative to btc. or for btc the USD price
C: !cv fromCurrency toCurrency amount
R: Converts from the first currency to the second one, so fromCurrency toCurrency amount. The amount is optional and if no amount is specified, it uses 1. supports any crypto supported by poloniex and fiat currencies as well
R: shows the number of times and total btc rained to the specified user
C: !last username
R: Shows when that user was last active in chat
C: !msg username message
R: Sends an offline message to any user that is not active in chat, that he/she will be able to see again when they start chatting again
C: !donate
R: shows SeuntjieBot donation address , and the amount of donations received by SeuntjieBot for the current month
C: !address bitcoinAddress
R: Shows amount of btc sent to and from that address, the final balance and the number of transaction made
C: !tx transactionID
R: Shows how many confirmations the transactionID has
C: !info
R: Additional seuntjiebot info
C: !dicebot
R: Shows official link to the latest version of Seuntjies Dicebot
C: !rainjar
R: Explains how/what rain is
C: !Strategy
R: Links to dicebot strategies
C: !lastblock
R: Time of the last block, block height and transaction count

(C = command : R = responce)