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Topic: Add funfair

June 5, 2018, 3:22 am
Why Add FunFair to the Platform?

FunFair is a token that will power decentralized Casinos. At the time of this writing it is 88th on coinmarketcap having done 173 million dollars in market cap, and close to 2 million dollars in volume over the las 24hrs. A strong community of 58k token holders have been patiently waiting for the project to launch its first casino. Like me, some are a little restless and worn down from this bear market over the first 6 months and would really like to Gamble our tokens right now to recoup some losses.

The Possibilities

Bitsler is going to end up competing with FunFair's multiple casinos in the future for crypto savvy gamblers. By adding FunFair to your platform now you'd have a leg up on the competition. If i managed Bitsler I would add the coin, hodl the profits, and once FunFair is open I would launch my own casino with their software. With the profits you'll have gained by then you'll already be ahead of the game with enough token to cover bets in your new funfair powered casino. With FunFair's Game Developer API, you could port your existing games over to funfairs platform ( UI is Javascript / HTML / CSS with all game logic in an Ethereum Smart Contract ). This would allow your casino(s) and other casino operators to add your games to their site, and as the developer you'd get a constant stream of royalties flowing into your FunFair wallet. You could also become a consumer of great games that other developers, like me, will build for the platform in the coming months.

As an ERC20 token the integration should be fairly simple. To me it's a no brainer to add this coin. Disclaimer, I do hold the coin, but just because I believe in the project that shouldnt hurt its chances of making it to your platform. I've been on Bitsler since 2016, I love the games and the site. Your team has done lots of work adding new games and building a community, I believe Adding / promoting FunFair would be the smartest move you could make at this point.