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Topic: 0.037 profit by accident - lol

June 27, 2017, 4:57 pm
I wanted to take part in the experimental game seuntjie was testing in bitsler chat, but didn't have any bitcoin to play with.
Also couldn't claim faucet beause of having other currencies (probably from the rains) and my bitcoin wallet was syncing as well.
Decided to max bet each currency till they were all busted. Then claim faucet and start playing the game, and then this happened...

Bitsler Image

When I saw that I was only getting greens, I wondered how much this was worth?
Exchange didn't tell me (probably due to internet connection dip) and I just exchanged it for bitcoin because I thought it would be worth more than a faucet claim..
I saw the exchanged amount was 0.037!! I thought this was a glitch or error and wanted to notify support, but after checking it's price I saw there was no fault

Sweet gains of $85.5!! Keep an eye out on eth as well, didn't know the price was so high.
2017-06-27 17:09:13
Awesome! lol. Congrats on the lucky win!