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Topic: Chatbot - a short summary

August 9, 2017, 3:04 pm
For those that are curious or unfamiliar with ChatBots commands

-- C: !user username R: Gives the UID, name, times rained and total rain received -- C: !btc R: replaced by any crypto supported by poloniex. Returns price for that crypto relative to btc. or for btc the USD price -- C: !cv fromCurrency toCurrency amount R: Converts from the first currency to the second one, so fromCurrency toCurrency amount. The amount is optional and if no amount is specified, it uses 1. supports any crypto supported by poloniex and fiat currencies as well -- C: !last username R: Shows when that user was last active in chat -- C: !msg username message R: Sends an offline message to any user that is not active in chat, that he/she will be able to see again when they start chatting again -- C: !info R: Additional seuntjiebot info -- C: !dicebot R: Shows official link to the latest version of Seuntjies Dicebot -- C: !Strategy R: Links to dicebot strategies -- C: !lastblock R: Time of the last block, block height and transaction count -- C: !fee R: Shows the recommended fee sizes for bitcoin transactions based on the size of the mempool. -- C: !unconfirmed R: Shows how many unconfirmed bitcoin transactions there are in the mempool. -- C: !rules R: will show the rules for the chat.

Mod Commands
-- C:!status username R: Shows the status of the current user. Safe = not redlisted or blacklisted, otherwise it shows which list and for what reason. -- C:!redlist username timeinhours reason R:Responds success if successful, otherwise no response. Username, time in hours and reason are all required. For example: !s redlist seuntjie 24 spamming bets in chat after game has ended. -- C:!blacklist username timeinhours reason R:works same as redlist command. -- C:!deredlist username R:Responds if successful, no response if not successful. Removes the user from the redlist -- C:!deblacklist username R:Works the same as deredlist, but removes the person from the blacklist. -- C:!gamestart gamename R:Starts the specified game. Current games: rollhunt -- C:!gamestop gamename R:Stops the specified game. -- C:!mute R:Mutes the bot to respond only to moderators and admins. -- C:!unmute R:allows the bot to respond to all users again.


ChatBot has 2 lists it maintains with the help of the chat moderators. These two lists is the red list and black list. If you are on the red list, you cannot participate in the games the chat bot runs. If you are on the black list, you can not only not participate in the games, you cannot use the bot at all. It will completely ignore any requests or commands you make to it.

There are more than one way of getting on these lists. For the redlist:
  • Breaking certain rules of chat games
  • Being red listed by a moderator or admin.

For the blacklist, a moderator or admin (or me) must put you on the blacklist.

The lists aren't publicly available, but mods have the ability to check if you are on either list. So if you're trying to compete in games, or use the bot, and it's not responding as it should, just ask a mod to check if you are redlisted or blacklisted. If the mod feels you should not be on the list, he/she can remove you. These lists are managed by the mods at their own discretion.

ChatBot now has games! Chat games! With rewards for the winners!

The moderators can activate these games by using a command. Once activated, the bot will announce the rules for the game, and then announce when the game starts. To make it fair and allow everyone a chance with the games, if you won a game recently, you will not be allowed to compete in new games. This doesn't mean that you cannot compete in games ever again if you won a game, it just means you cant win a game and then compete in the next few games. Each game has it's own set of rules, but there are some global rules to follow:
  • If the game involves betting, submitting another users bet will result in a ban.
  • Only submissions in the currency the bot specified is allowed. If no currency is specified, it is BTC.
  • Only submissions in the channel the game announced the rules in is valid.
  • Spamming answers will result in being banned from the games.
  • Only entries after the START or GO message is accepted.

Roll Hunt
The aim of the game is roll as close to the target, or to hit the target itself! The games rules are:
  • Only rolls placed after the go message will be accepted
  • Roll has to be a win - The bet must be green, a winning bet.
  • Minimum bet is 0.00000100 Btc
  • Only your own bets qualify - Submitting someone else bets will result in a ban from the games.
  • Hitting the exact target ends the game - you win if you hit the target
  • In the case of a tie, ie two bets submitted that have an equal difference with the target, the bet that was submitted first wins.
2017-08-09 15:05:19
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