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Topic: Wager contest requirements and winner list

January 18, 2019, 11:56 am
Game: Wager Challenge
Type: Daily + Weekly + Special

Weekly prizes: $10000
Weekly places: 50
Weekly opens on: Tuesday, 00:00 GMT (0:00 PM)
Weekly closes on: Tuesday, 00.00 GMT (0:00 AM)

Special prizes: $4000
Special places: Random
Special opens on: Random
Special closes on: Random

Daily prizes: $1000
Daily places: 30
Daily opens on: Everyday except Monday, 00:00 GMT (0:00 PM)
Daily closes on: Everyday except Monday, 00.00 GMT (0:00 AM)


- The Weekly, Daily and Special Wagering contest are free promotions.
- You do not have to register for these promotions because all your bets will be automatically detected and taken into account.
- Prizes are sent in BTC only.
- Prizes will be paid out within 24 hours (Daily challenge) and 168 hours (Weekly challenge) from the end of the promotions.

- Players who wager the most at the end of the contest will win the largest share of the prize pool.
- All bets from all games and currencies (excluding special wagering contests as well as BTSLR - [Bitsler Coin bets]) will be taken into account (doesn't matter if the bet is a win or loss).
- Only one account per player can take part in the Wager challenge (players can't receive more than a prize per challenge.)
- Bitsler reserves the right not to pay a player and award their prize to the next eligible player to preserve the fairness and integrity of the contest.
- Excluded players can't petition Bitsler's decision as it will be final while the total guaranteed prize pool for each contest is distributed by Bitsler.

Link list:
- 2018 December winners list
- 2019 January winners list
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